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Handpiece Repair Services & Pricing

At Jersey Shore Dentist's Choice, we offer competitive pricing, extended warranties and rapid turn-around time for all of your handpiece repair needs.

With services including, but not limited to: high speeds, low speeds, electrics of all brands, we will dedicate our full attention to your repair's every need. 

Click "Learn More" below to see a listing of the services and pricing we offer.

Electric Handpiece Repair

Electric speed increasing attachments operate closer to a lowspeed gear angle than a highspeed air turbine. There are 2 bearings in the head that can be replaced like a high speed turbine, but the power is transferred to the head by a series of gears. 


Sometimes the OEM factory overhaul can be a better value depending on what needs to be replaced. Generally, if there is significant damage beyond just the head bearings we will recommend the factory repair.

Click "Learn More" below to see a listing of the services and pricing we offer.

What Sets Us Apart

We repair almost any type of air-driven or electric handpiece. We save you money by rebuilding the handpiece turbine when the bearings go out, instead of you purchasing a new turbine every time. On high speeds we carefully remove the old bearings and replace them with brand new bearings that meet all manufacturer specifications. We replace all O rings and any other components too worn for proper performance. If it is not advisable or safe to repair your turbine, we may recommend replacing it. We have a complete stock of new Original Manufacturer turbines for all major brands. We provide full factory service for Star®; Midwest®; Kavo®; Lares®; Micro Motors®; NSK®; Champion; and MTI.

About Us

Jersey Shore Dentist's Choice

is a professional, family-owned, full-service facility, providing dentists with expert repairs and fast turnaround (usually within 24 hours). We provide a full range of services - from simple repairs to complete replacement of handpieces - at very reasonable rates.

We offer one day service on all high-speeds as well as complete service on all makes and models of low-speed handpieces and attachments. We also offer repair services for electric attachments and Cavitrons®. We maintain a wide inventory of original manufacturer parts for Star®, Midwest®, KaVo®, Lares®, NSK®, and MK-dent®. We are also Midwest® Factory Trained and Certified Repair Partners.


Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and high-quality workmanship, Jersey Shore Dentist's Choice provides a full warranty on all of the work we provide and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to become a reliable business partner that helps you to reduce maintenance and repair costs for the life of your practice.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!


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